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Strawbees STEAM School Kit

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Kids want to create huge things. With the School kit, a lot of kids can build huge projects at the same time. Our STEAM School kit is a favorite in classrooms, maker spaces and science centers around the world, this kit provides enough pieces for large groups to build many giant projects! Immerse your classroom in project-based learning exercises with bridge building challenges, constructing tetrahedral kites, the egg drop, and much more!

This kit consists of 4000 + sorted pieces, educational guides, and a Pocketful of Ideas card deck for a burst of inspiration. It also includes epic lesson plans, and you can also download even more teacher created lessons here at education.strawbees.com. We also have some cool maker activities including LittleBits, LEGO Mindstorms, MicroBit and Makey Makey! 🙂

Perfect for schools, makerspaces, and science centers.

Ages 6 and up


25+ students


Competitions and Events
School Classrooms
Science Centers
Summer Camps


4060 pieces

The kit includes

2560 Strawbees,

1500 Straws (in six wonderful colors),

and a Card Deck of Creativity to be used when there is a need for a fantasy boost. 🙂