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Seasons Path of Destiny

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The battle between the kingdom's most powerful sorcerers rages on. Each mage is convinced of their imminent and glorious triumph, but only one can truly become the next Archmage of Xidit! Path of Destiny, the second expansion for Seasons, invites you to master the fickle fates, command new and exciting magic, and claim your rightful title as ruler of the Path of Destiny! Here, you'll find a host of new powers, enchantments, and special abilities, as well as the powerful Die of Destiny. New combinations and brilliant strategies await your discovery in this expansion for Seasons.This product is an expansion: Seasons base game required to play.

This second expansion of Seasons features 21 new Power cards with unseen effects.
Seasons – Path of Destiny also brings 6 Special Ability tokens and 10 new Enchantment cards. Some of them use the dice of destiny, a brand new component for this expansion.
This expansion gives you access to many new combinations and brilliant strategies.

AlderFra -14 år

Antall spillere-2-4 spillere

Spilletid-60 minutter