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SAM Labs Alpha Kit

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An introductory STEAM lesson kit comprised of a variety of teaching materials, a flow-based coding app and a number of wireless electronic blocks and accessories. Use the SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build classroom projects with your students and complete lesson plans.


Why Choose the Alpha Kit?

  • A versatile, fun and intuitive introductory kit

  • Compatible with LEGO and other readily-available classroom materials

  • Can be used with all of SAM Labs curriculum aligned lesson plans

  • Easy to integrate in the classroom with easy wireless setup

What's In The Box?

  1. 2 x DC motor
  2. 1 x Light sensor
  3. 1 x RGB Light
  4. 2 x Wheel
  5. 1 x SAM Controller
  6. 1 x SAM Car Chassis
  7. 1 x Roller Ball
  8. 1 x LEGO Gear Attachment
  9. 2 x Small LEGO Holder
  10. 2 x Large LEGO Holder
  11. 1 x Multi Micro USB Charging Cable
  12. Getting Started Guide