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littleBits CloudBit Starter Kit rev B

1.199,20 kr
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About littleBits CloudBit Starter Kit Rev B

 For ages 14+ 

This Starter Kit is the easiest and fastest way to turn any stupid gadget into an internet-connected smart product. With CloudBit you get the power to make smart stuff that's important to you!
The package contains 6 of our favorite prototype modules, including CloudBit. This is all you need to get started. Make a remote feed for your pet! Use SMS to turn off and turn on lights! Perfect for hackers, designers, makers and fixers of all levels - without any programming, soldering or wiring usually needed. Works directly from the box and fits seamlessly with all other littleBits products.

What's in the box?
- 6 modules giving you everything you need to create powerful, connected products: CloudBit, USB Power, Long LED, Servo, Sound trigger, Button.
- Accessories included: wall charger (connects USB Power to an electrical outlet), 2 mounting plates, 1.5 m USB cable (connect USB Power to computer / battery pack).

- The package contains everything you need to build internet-connected gadgets directly from the box.
- Relax everything! Now your whole littleBits library can talk to the internet and vice versa.
- Use IFTTT (If This Then That) to link up littleBits to any web service, such as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, or hardware like NEST and Philips HUE.
- Remote control your circuits on the other side of the room or on the other side of the world.
- Program with cloud API, or buy to an Arduino module for even greater opportunities