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Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Motion Compass

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Geomag er læring gjennom lek for alle aldre. Når man bygger og samler med magnetene, stimuleres kreativitet og fingerferdighet. Geomag Mechanics mekaniske elementer åpner for mange konstruksjonsmuligheter. Noen av delene roterer og skaper en kjedereaksjon generert av magneter som tiltrekker og frastøter hverandre. Med denne pakken kan du blant annet bygge et kompass. Det er bare fantasien som setter grenser for hva som kan lages. Pakken inneholder 35 deler. Fra 3 år.


  • Geomag Mechanics is an extension of Geomag Classic which introduces movement using typical elements of mechanics. “Expand Magnetic System” is thus the expansion of the Classic platform which, thanks to the additional mechanical elements which dovetail ideally with the original construction system, composed of rods and balls, makes it possible to design solid structures, and simplifies the act of construction by using a smaller number of rods and balls. There are various elements to discover: from the cylinders and modular platforms which make it possible to build up the structure vertically and horizontally to the amazing bearings which give movement to the model. These elements add a stimulus to create structures which, with a simple hand movement or with the aid of a “compass rod” can be set in motion, setting off chain reactions due to the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion. 
  • Suitable for children from 7 years old, it is fantastic for beginning to explore the world of Geomag, a fascinating and fun world, full of magic and surprises, dynamic constructions, bright colours and incredible magnetic forces.
  • The set includes metallic balls, magnetic rods and mechanical elements made from plastic to create a compass
  • Geomag is the famous magnetic construction toy in the world, consisting of magnetised rods and metallic balls
  • Because of the magnets positioned at each end of them, the rods stick to the balls, allowing you to build whatever comes into your mind
  • Geomag products qualify for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category, which indicates an interdisciplinary approach to learning
  • Swiss Made quality All the products are in line with the strictest European and international safety standards